Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Personal Data Act (523/1999) Section 10


1. Registrar

OIKIO Digital Performance Agency Oy

Address: Eerikinkatu 27, 00180 Helsinki

Business ID: 2754417-1


2. Contact person for matters concerning the register

Data Protection Officer:

Jyri Vuorinen, jyri.vuorinen@oikio .fi 


3. Registers

Read more about the registers and systems we use here.


4. Purpose of processing

Personal data can be used to forward newsletters, to handle customer relationships, incl. sales work and the personalization of the online service. 

We may also target you with customized advertising on other websites. However, we do not know who you are but we only know what you have done on our website.


5. Information content of the

Registers may contain the following information: name, e-mail address, telephone number, organization, location and date of entry in the register, language, time zone, IP address, Google Analytics ID and site behavior.


6. Regular sources of information 

Registers is compiled through OIKIO Digital Performance Agency Oy’s online service ( of those visitors who fill in a form in the online service, such as a contact request form or a newsletter subscription form.


7. Regular information disclosures

OIKIO Digital Performance Agency Oy does not disclose customer information to third parties unless there is a final legal requirement.


8. Data retention

All personal data is stored behind a strong two-factor authentication wall and is not accessible to anyone other than OIKIO staff.


9. Use of cookies

OIKIO Digital Performance Agency Oy uses cookies on its website, which are used to monitor visitor traffic and develop the online service. Read more about cookie policies and edit your cookie settings here.


10. Principles of protection of the

The register is protected and its access requires a personal username and password, which are issued only to the staff of the controller whose status and tasks are related to the access. The register is not kept on paper.


11. Updating of information

A member of t register may refuse to use his or her information and refuse to receive newsletters by clicking on the cancellation link in the newsletters or by contacting the registry administrator. Please see contact details above.


12. Request deletion of personal data

You can request the data controller to delete all data related to you from the OIKIO registers by filling in this form and submitting it to the data controller (instructions in the form).