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We focus on web analytics, search engine optimisation (SEO) and digital advertising (Paid Search, Paid Social & Programmatic).

Why join OIKIO?


Collaborate with the best experts in the Nordic countries. We continuously develop, refine and test new methods, practices and routines to keep you at least one step ahead. In addition you get your own annual training budget.

Agency for Experts, by Experts

You have a real impact on your work environment, such as who you work for, what tools you use and how you develop yourself as an expert. OIKIO is developed on the terms of experts and clients. The rest is up to you.


We love technology because it makes life easier for our experts and our clients. Do you have a coding background? Excellent! Did you miss the code train so far? Does not matter! Here you will learn to understand the code and draw conclusions from it.

Some of our clients

Our culture codes

Outstanding industry expertise

Our experts represent the cutting edge of in their field of expertise. Instead of being jack of all trades and master of none, our experts always specialize in one of our core competences. In addition to their in-depth expertise, they all master web analytics.


Our experts unite a burning desire to learn more and they have a passionate approach to web analytics and digital marketing. Most of our experts also have their own digital marketing projects outside of work.

Being tech-savvy

Our background is exceptionally technical and we value your desire to increase your technical expertise. We believe that technical expertise will help you solve our clients’ problems and develop scalable ideas.

Clients first

All our decisions are guided by the prioritization of the client’s best interests. We work with our clients as if we were part of their team and treat their business as our own.

Self-driven way of working

We do not need micromanagement, but entrepreneurial experts who can make decisions themselves. We all participate in decision-making and in the development of OIKIO.


Working must be fun and should not interfere with your free time. We also have fun together outside office hours.

Professional roles

Web Analyst

SEO Consultant

Paid Search Consultant

Programmatic & Paid Social Consultant

All our team members need to have native or near native Finnish and fluent English language skills. All other language skills are considered as a benefit.


I came to OIKIO because I wanted to learn more about how advertising works holistically. The best thing is interdisciplinarity - the opportunity to delve deeper and learn about areas of interest to you without being completely tied to your own plot. At the top of the list is the quest for efficiency, which is the conscious elimination of all factors that hamper work efficiency and its meaningfulness.

Krista Tikka, Web Analyst

Get to know the teams


Our Web Analytics team combines strong web analytics, website development, and business expertise. We help you turn online services into measurable, easy-to-use and effective sales channels. Our team consists of web analytics and conversion optimization experts. The team is one of the most experienced web analytics teams in Finland.


The most sought after professionals in the field, international experience from highly competitive markets and our advanced methods add up to a superior combination in our SEO team. Our team has strong technical expertise and will be happy to solve problems that other SEO experts cannot or will not try to solve.


Our unique approach, strategy and technology expertise, advanced techniques, operating routines and experienced experts make our team one of the most sought after in the field of Paid Search.


Our Paid Social experts plan and implement advertising in various social media channels while our Programmatic experts ensure successful programmatic advertising whether it is videos or banners.

Our recruitment process